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How to prevent Swimmer’s ear

Swimmer’s ear, commonly known as otitis externa is a painful condition of the ear when the ear canal undergoes inflammation due to intrusion by excessive moisture, dust or other foreign objects. Usually, the ear canal is entrusted with the task of preventing the inner ear from infections. However, there might be cases of the outer protective lining of the ear canal breaking up due to moisture or other foreign objects. As a result, the ear canal becomes vulnerable to all kinds of infections.

There are many causes behind the occurrence of swimmer’s ear. The most common cause behind this infection is the exposure of the ear canal to excessive moisture during activities like swimming, bathing, and surfing. As a result, the water in seas, oceans might be accompanied by disease causing bacteria and pathogens. This leads to an unusual inflammation in the ear canal which is painful as well as infectious. Another reason which might give rise to such an infection is the rupture of the protective lining in the outer ear which might be caused by forced cleaning of the ear canal by cotton swabs.

Moreover, various devices like earphones which are inserted in the ears might also contribute towards the occurrence of swimmer’s ear. Certain chemicals like dyes, bleaches and shampoos are also dangerous and can lead to infections which might develop into swimmer’s ears. The most common symptom of this swimmers ear is the gradual pain and reddening of the ear canals.

Swimmer’s ears can be prevented in numerous ways. The most appropriate way of preventing the swimmer’s ear is by using earplugs. Swimming Earplugs are the devices which when fully inserted into the ear canal, prevents the moisture, dust and other pathogens from entering the ears. These devices are very useful for the people who are actively involved in water related activities. This is because the swimmers and the water surfers are more prone to such kinds of infection.

Another way of preventing the onset of swimmer’s ear is to use foam earphones while listening to music. There are many people who are at a higher risk of getting swimmer’s ear during shower or bath. This can be prevented by using shower caps and earplugs in order to prevent the moisture from entering the ears.

Swimmers ear is indeed a painful condition but can be prevented by taking certain necessary precautions and using earplugs.

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